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 From Rhonda Bryne to Mike Dooley to Buddha, all espouse the fact that our thoughts become things.

When I first watched The Secret it didn’t seem so secret to me – I was already happy and even when I wasn’t, I found happiness in the things I loved doing, my writing, my garden, my dogs when they came along.

Fast forward a few years and I’d just left a second marriage. Once the initial period of mourning was over I felt happiness again but also fear that I would repeat the same mistakes.  The Universe led me to find Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, and all at once, it was clear that being a positive person is not worth an iota, if in your heart you have beliefs that are negative towards yourself.

Recite the affirmations, do the meditations and visualisations but until you stop saying what you DON’T WANT you won’t get what you DO want. 

This was brought sharply home to me recently. I won’t go into detail because it’s not something terribly important, but there was something I didn’t want to happen. There was no reason to suspect it might but still, I thought about it negatively.

It happened. Of course it did. 

Thoughts become things 

Can you remember a time something like this happened in your life? Leave a comment below 🙂


Thoughts become things quote changingmyperspective.com