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I believe my life is full of infinite possibilities.

I believe my thoughts become things.

And, I believe that dreams do come true.


Do you know what the best thing is? This can happen for you too.

My Story – The beginning

It started back in 2017. My second marriage had ended in disaster, and after 12 years living in New Zealand, I was back in Ireland. In winter. I had to buy a coat. I felt like a meercat, left/right, left/right. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn…. apart from left/right, left/right.

Meercats signifying confusion - changing my perspective

Six years earlier, I’d been a confident, capable woman, but I’d been turned into an anxious, forgetful mess by menopause, a stressful job, and an abusive husband. I had the life I believed I deserved because contrary to what people saw when they looked at me and my big smile, inside I was full of shame, guilt, and self-loathing.

At one point over the years in NZ, my husband told me a friend said I was boring and that, above all, pulled the rug out from under me. It sat at the back of my mind for years and I rarely saw her. No matter how much fun I was having I hovered above myself wondering if I was boring people.

Menopause turned me inside out. I never trusted myself again with work that required 100% accuracy.

By the time I got back to Ireland, I felt burned, and burned out, by my whole damn life.

And then, I had to start again, and I KNEW that just one job rejection would be enough to send me into a spiral of depression.

But underneath everything, I was still a problem-solver. Just because I didn’t have the confidence to look for a job didn’t mean I couldn’t work. I became a Virtual Assistant. I could work from home.

Me, the VA

The thing is, though, to be a successful VA, you must network, which seems like a normal thing to do, but I’m also an introvert (a boring introvert, remember). I’d rather stick pins in my eyes. I tried network groups, but I couldn’t articulate what I wanted to do, so they never worked for me.

Job boards were the answer. I blundered from one Upwork job to another – always terrified I’d make a mistake.

I was burning through my settlement, and I was petrified I’d have no money, and I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, and I worried non-stop about my dog.

What would happen to him if I had to move back to my mother’s? Yeah, I could bring him, but Barney sleeps on my bed and owns the couch, and Ma would have a fit. I was more worried about him than myself.

Writing was the one thing I knew I was good at, but even then, my inner voice told me I wasn’t good enough to write for other people and expect them to pay me. So, I did what everyone who doesn’t DO does – I taught other writers and took on editing work.

I had counselling, which helped, and then I discovered the Law of Attraction and began studying how Like attracts Like. The more I studied and practice, the better my life got. Success in the work aspect still eluded me though.

Infinite Possibilities

I lurched through a couple of years until September 2020. I don’t even know how I found Mike Dooley and Infinite Possibilities, but suddenly he was there with a 21-day writing challenge. Unusually, for me, I turned up every day and did every piece of homework. By day 21, I was fierce in my determination to write for a living. Pared down to its most basic point, Infinite Possibilities is about how your thoughts affect your life and how you can control what you think.

I did a couple of online courses in copywriting and freelance writing, and then along came Mike Dooley again with his Change One Thing Adventure. By the time that was over, the Universe knew exactly what I wanted. And I knew that my thoughts had become things.

Within a week of that challenge ending, I got an email from the owner of a website called the Irish Road Trip. Would I be interested in writing a test piece for him? I was. I did. He replied. Would I be interested in being a Featured writer? I sure was.

Everything I do now concerns writing. I run a writer’s group. I write web content. I blog. And people are calling me to write for them.

And just in case you think that could happen to anyone, I also told the Universe I wanted to be loved and cherished just as I am, something that hadn’t ever been the case for me. I’m happy to report that I am very much loved and cherished now and I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. 

The lesson I learned in all of this is that as much as the Universe is all-knowing, if you’re not specific in what you want, you’re only confusing the hell out of it and nothing you do will make it work for you.