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Infinite Possibilities:

The Art of Creating Your Dream Writing Life

Being a writer IS magical and the only thing you have to do to claim that title, is WRITE

Your old thoughts about writing

  • I never have time
  • I’ve a full-time job
  • I’d love to write a book, but…

Your new thoughts about writing

  • I can’t believe it was so easy to find the time
  • Writing during my lunch break or during my commute is easier than I thought
  • Having a launch date for my book is more exciting than I ever imagined

And that my dear writers, is how simple it actually is.


Once you change your perspective to understand that everything in your life is within your control, you’ve cracked the secret to your dream life.

It doesn’t take blood, sweat, or tears to make your dreams of publication come true. The things you need are imagination, faith, and hope. Then you’re drawn into action, circumstances, and “coincidences” that make those dreams come true.

What you don’t need is more education, more research, or more luck, to be a writer. You only need to know the same things that every successful writer has known since time began. How to structure a story, how to fill it with emotion, and how to change your limiting beliefs. 

This course is based on the best-selling-book, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life, by Mike Dooley.