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Infinite Possibilities for Business

Infinite Possibilities (IP) for Business, based on the work of best-selling author and teacher Mike Dooley, is a solution that supports your existing training programmes. We do this by teaching your team to be mindful of their thoughts and beliefs about success. They can use this awareness to shift their thinking towards a more positive outlook on work and life.

IP for Business inlcudes interactive lessons that take your team, step-by-step, through a practical programme they can use every day to focus on thoughts that empower them.

Empowered employees are happy employees! It’s been proven that happy workers get sick less often, take less time off, and stay with companies longer. Ultimately, this happiness translates to a potential increase in revenue, as reported by Forbes and other industry publications.*

*”Promoting Employee happiness benefits everyone,” Forbes, 2017

This course covers 7 modules addressing: 

Personal Enrichment

Everyone can succeed, no matter who, no matter what.
Your default setting is to thrive, interconnected to all life, not just survive.
Live life to the fullest, maximize your potential.
You can succeed in sales, no matter who you work for, no matter what you sell.
Your default setting is to thrive in sales, not just survive.
The meaning of sales is to help others get what they want.
 Customer Service
You can succeed in customer service, no matter who you work for, no matter who you service.
Your default setting is for you and your customers to thrive, not just survive.
The meaning of customer service is to help others through giving.
You can succeed in a leadership role, no matter who you lead, no matter what your background, no matter what your natural strengths are.
Your default setting is to thrive as a leader, utilizing all of your leadership strengths, not just survive.
The meaning of leadership is to lead others from where you stand.
Strategic Planning
You can succeed in strategic planning and vision, no matter who you are, no matter what or where you or your company is.
Your default setting is to thrive, and when you thrive, your company thrives, not just survives.
The meaning of strategic planning and vision is to simply see things as you want them to be, then craft a plan to have it happen, then strategically adjust along the way.

I learned a lot about the power of attracting only good and that which serves my soul purpose. At the end of the day I realised that I could change my reality and move forward. There was a definite shift in mentality but also tools to enable us to progress on our journey.

Since the course I can already feel a change, a sense of calm knowing that anything is possible and that we are all masters of our own destiny when we live from a place of joy and gratitude. This revelation was brought about from this attending this course so expertly and joyfully delivered by Norah. Her skilled delivery and belief in its content shone through.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to enrich their life experience.

Mary F

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