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Infinite Possibilities:
Changing My Perspective


One Baby Step at a Time

The only way to make a change in any aspect of your life is to take a first step. There’s never a right time to begin doing something beneficial to you. You’ll be waiting and waiting forever, if you wait for the right time. You must start now. Right now. You can have the life you really want. Take a leap of faith, the Universe has your back. Don’t wait until you’re ready. Start before you’re ready. You’re capable of so much. All you have to do is tap into your supply of opportunities. This course will give you the tools to start manifesting your desires.

Everyone who goes through this programme comes away with:

An understanding of how to detect your limiting beliefs, so you can push past barriers and attract more of what you do want into your life (Love, Health, Money…and everything else!)

  • Invaluable tools and resources for demolishing negativity, creating happiness NOW, and having better relationships and connections in all areas of your life.
  • A trust that everything you desire is within your grasp, and understanding of how you can achieve it so that you can live more freely right away, and can find pleasure and joy in every moment.

The course consists of the following modules


1st Lesson

Thoughts Become Things

The thoughts you think literally become the things and events of your life.

2nd Lesson


Our beliefs come first, influencing our thoughts, words, and actions, and then the world around us.

3rd Lesson


Emotions are a result of our perspectives, and our perspectives arise from our beliefs. 

Our beliefs come first, influencing our thoughts, words, and actions, and then the world around us.

 4th Lesson

Taking Action

Regardless of how much you dream or how well you visualize, no navigation system can take you to your desired destination until you help yourself by physically moving.

5th Lesson

Instincts & Hunches, Dreams & Desires

Our instincts and hunches are like bursts of insight that reveal truths about our reality and the
experiences we’re creating. They act as an internal navigation system, helping to guide and direct us
through our lives.

6th Lesson

Faith & The Magical Universe

Just as an airline pilot doesn’t have to know how a plane is built or what components in the engine
are giving it thrust, in order to fly across the country, neither do you have to understand how “the Universe” will help to manifest your dreams, in order to live deliberately.

7th Lesson

The Meaning of Life …

Is to LIVE it!

“Life is what you make it’, but is that true? What if you work hard yet little changes.

I’d heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’ where you focus on what you want, but that felt selfish and greedy. Yet my instincts told me there might be some truth in it. Talk about internal conflict!

What a relief to come across Norah and her course. It’s way beyond Law of Attraction. Taking part in her lessons showed me a whole new way of looking at things. She provided the insights and tools to help me explore and relish the adventure of life.

The course was very interesting and delivered at a just the right pace. I learned the what’s, why’s and how’s for me to change myself so that my world could change.

The ‘icing on the cake’ is Norah herself. She is light hearted, kind, and a font of knowledge. She truly likes to educate and encourage. Each class was joy filled and uplifting.

To do the course is a threefold present. The pleasure of participation, the gift of spending time with Norah and the joy of exploring the infinite possibilities of life.

Thanks a million to @norahdeay  for this wonderful course – Infinite Possibilities – which I have just completed. It’s been a major boost over the last few weeks. Heartily recommend working with Norah and learning this set of invaluable tools for moving forwards in your life!

Lucy Furlong

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