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Do you have a job that you can’t stand? Are you commuting every day when you’d much rather work from home? You want to quit, but you’re afraid you’ll get more of the same if you do.

Focusing on all the good things about a bad situation is the best way to make you feel better. If you can find something to be grateful for, even if it’s just having a regular income that covers some of your basic needs, you’ll start to feel better. As you feel better, it will be easier for you to think of something else you like about your job.

What if you can’t think of a single good thing about your job? If you don’t change how you feel about your current job, you’ll just end up with another job that makes you unhappy.

“Sometimes it’s easier to change the way you think by how you act, than it is to change the way you act by changing the way you think.” Author Jo Berry

At a conference one time, this same Jo Berry talked about how to break a bad habit. She asked the audience if they’d tried, or were trying, to break a bad habit. When the hands went up, she asked them, “How long have you been thinking about stopping this? Has just thinking about it helped at all?”

I thought a lot about giving up smoking over the years but no matter how much I thought about it, even when I tried to stop for a few days at a time, I never managed to stop completely. I wasn’t familiar with the Law of Attraction at the time – if I had been I’d have realised that the more I thought about NOT wanting to smoke, the more I was inviting it into my life.

I read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allan Carr about five times before I GOT IT! But once I understood that I could stop smoking by acting like I didn’t smoke, I was done. I threw tobacco, papers, lighter into my waste basket at work and it sat there all day beside as I went about my work. I have never smoked again.

So, back to the hateful job. Instead of trying to change how you feel about your job, try to picture yourself doing it as if you like it. What would you change about what you say or do? Try acting differently, and then pay attention to how much better you feel.

Soon, you’ll be in a place that makes you feel better. This will give off a new vibration that will either change things at your current job or bring you to a new place that feels great. You never know—you could even end up ENJOYING where you are!